2015 Conference Presentation Descriptions and Speaker Bios:


Thursday, September 24, 2015  


Opening Keynote Presentation:      8:30 am - 9:30 am


Tammy Redmon Bond

Keynote Presentation:  "Mindset Matters - Even in a Basel III World" 


Every day we are met with decisions and opportunities. Whether in business or personal life, we are met with the reality that we will impact our current situation either positively or negatively.  However most people walk through their daily life allowing the circumstances around them to impact their decisions, happiness and ability to be successful at work. They hold on tightly to a “Have To” way of looking at their work and life vs a “Want To” mindset.  In this presentation you will begin to gain understanding around how we make decisions in a “Have To” world of Leverage Ratios, Liquidity Coverage Ratios and Basel III. While we may work in an industry that is filled with governing standards often making it challenging to feel at choice in our work, do you know how it is ultimately impacting your ability to find contentment and growth at work?  We will look at the opportunities we are presented with every day, and we will uncover how our Mindset is the primary driver to every decision we make and every opportunity we encounter.  Whether you embrace change or run the other direction. Whether you believe you are a positive partner to your colleagues and family, or go through each day with a ‘duck and cover’ approach. Your success really comes from the way that you look at every situation you encounter. That is your Mindset.  We will cover Attitudes, Avoidant Behaviors and Comfort Zones in this dynamic
presentation. You will leave with an improved understanding of how you approach your work and your colleagues and whether it is moving your toward success or limiting you. Plus you will create an action plan to adjust your approach to the “have to’s” of your world.



Tammy J. Bond is fiercely committed to empowering organizations and individuals to achieve significant transformation while developing growth strategies for a sustainable and profitable tomorrow.  With over 22 years of experience working with amazing clients that have similar worries and concerns, guiding them to achieve remarkable success, Tammy’s mission and commitment is to pinpoint current obstacles and desired outcomes to empower change.




Breakout Session One:   9:45 am - 10:45 am (Concurrent Sessions A & B)


(1A)  Terry Crawford, CTP; SVP and Treasurer; AMC Entertainment Inc.

         Barb Pacheco; SVP Financial Services; Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

“Effective Fraud Mitigation Tools for Corporates”


Payments fraud experts present a snapshot of the current state of payment fraud in corporate USA, highlighting findings from the Federal Reserve’s 2014 Payments Study and the 2014 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey.  This includes what prevalent fraud schemes target corporate accounts, accounts payable and account receivable.  Learn about fraud prevention and mitigation tools (such as internal controls, transaction screening and third party services) that are most effective in safeguarding corporate assets



Terry Crawford is is Senior Vice President and Treasurer for AMC Entertainment Inc, in Leawood, Kansas and has been very active in the AFP organization.  He is currently a member of the AFP Board of Directors.  Previously he has served as a member of the AFP Annual Conference Planning Task Force and the AFP Treasury Advisory Group, including chair in 2012-2013. In the past he has served on the Working Capital Management Committee as well as the Retail Industry Task Force, serving as chair in 2005. In addition, Terry is a member of the New York Life Client Advisory Board and the Wells Fargo Retail Advisory Board.  Terry is a past president of the Kansas City AFP.   He has been a contributor at the AFP Annual Conference and Retail Industry Roundtable, speaking on various subjects since 2003. He has also contributed to several articles and publications.



Barbara S. Pacheco is a senior vice president and a member of the Management Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  Ms. Pacheco provides program management leadership for the Federal Reserve System’s payment system modernization initiative, a multi-faceted plan for collaborating with payment system stakeholders including large and small businesses, emerging payments firms, card networks, payment processors, consumers and financial institutions to enhance the speed, safety and efficiency of the U.S. payment system.  She also is responsible for the Bank’s Payments System Research Department.


Ms. Pacheco joined the Bank in 1982 and has had management responsibilities in bank supervision, check, cash, and wholesale payments operations, human resources, financial services electronic access support, sales and marketing functions of the Bank.  She holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.




(1B)  Leilani Doyle; VP, Product Management; US Dataworks

“Will Bitcoin Reshape Banking and Treasury Services?”


The impact of bitcoin on traditional banking and treasury services is a hotly debated topic. Join US Dataworks for a lively discussion that de-mystifies bitcoin and provides real-world examples of how bitcoin is being used in the US today.  This session will answer the following questions:  How is bitcoin regulated in the US today? Who is using bitcoin and why? Does bitcoin reduce merchant exposure of storing credit card numbers?



Leilani Doyle is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with a passion for simplifying all forms of payments and associated business transactions. In her current role, Leilani sets the strategic vision for new and expanded products and solution sets and also identifies emerging market opportunities. Leilani is committed to the US Dataworks brand promise of bringing innovation to traditional payment and treasury management services. Prior to joining US Dataworks, Leilani was founder and CEO of Citation Solutions, an Internet application development company serving financial institutions, government agencies, and Fortune 1000 companies. Additionally, Leilani held several treasury management and product management positions, including senior product manager for ACH services at CFI ProServices, (now Heartland Financial) and product manager at First City National Bank (now JP Morgan Chase). Leilani is a founding member of the NACHA Internet Council and actively participates in numerous industry associations including AFP, NACHA, BAI, ECCHO, the Remittance Coalition, and IOFM. Leilani graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in English.



Breakout Session Two:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm (Concurrent Sessions A & B)




(2A)  Garret A. Rogers, CTP; SVP, PNC Bank

"Corporate Mobile Banking:  A Treasury Perspective"


Corporate mobile banking, while not yet mainstream, is increasingly becoming a service that banks need to offer to attract and retain cash management clients, and demonstrate the bank's commitment to technology. This session will present the current state of corporate mobile banking services and outline the value proposition mobile banking offers corporate treasury professionals by reviewing how mobile banking can improve productivity and provide new solutions to existing business challenges.”



Garret Rogers manages a team of Product Managers that are responsible for monitoring the banking industry, client demands and emerging web/mobile usability trends to formulate a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for the suite of products offered on PINACLE®, PNC’s online and mobile corporate banking portal. He is also part of the cross-functional team that focuses on internal process improvements related to the software development life cycle process.


For over 15 years, Garret has worked solely on PINACLE and has contributed to its evolution in three roles. Currently, as a Product Team Manager, he works directly with the Product Managers, clients and other bank service partners to understand business needs and integrate them into the project pipeline. Prior to this role, he spent six years as the Product Team Manager for the Business Analysts and, prior to that, six years as the first Quality Assurance Manager for PINACLE.




(2B)  Bridget Meyer, CTP; Director of Delivery, MONTAUK GROUP

“Is Your Bank an Apple or an Orange?”


Can banks truly be compared on an “apples to apples” basis? Learn how to use tools provided by the AFP to map your services to the global and domestic standards, benchmark pricing, and standardize the evaluation of banks in an RFP. 



Bridget Meyer is a nationally recognized treasury expert who authored the banking industry’s new AFP Global Service Codes TM, is responsible for the continuing development of services, technologies and standards, including Montauk’s proprietary BankScore TM Global Bank Fees and Rates Index.  Bridget also actively manages and promotes the AFP Service Codes Accredited Provider Program designed to increase standardization in bank fee reporting. 

Bridget earned her CTP certification in 2007.                                                                                                              




Breakout Session Three:  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Concurrent Sessions A & B)



(3A)  Sean Corrigan, CTP; Sr. VP-Head of Strategic Trade Solutions; Wells Fargo Bank International Trade Services

"Working Capital Improvement through Supplier Finance...Not just for Large Corporates"         


Over the past several years, large corporations have been utilizing supplier finance as a tool to increase working capital by extending their payment terms with suppliers.  Now, middle-market companies are looking for similar tools that can enhance their working capital, strengthen their supply chain and lower costs.  The session will cover the evolution of approved payable finance, open account and recent trends in international payment terms, as well as the changes in the value proposition as companies look at different sourcing regions (U.S., China, India, EU, etc.). Three key takeaway points: (1) How companies are applying technology within Procure-to-Pay (P2P) to drive down internal costs, improve transparency and manage working capital (2)  Strategies that offer the opportunity for companies to improve Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), while simultaneously improving the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) of their international and domestic suppliers (3)       Ways that traditional and non-traditional trade tools can reduce risk for both trading partners in a transaction”



Sean Corrigan is a senior vice president and head of Strategic Trade Solutions for Wells Fargo International Trade Services. Based in Atlanta, he oversees a global team that delivers complex, integrated trade payment processing and supplier financing solutions to large corporate importers.  Sean joined Wells Fargo in 2001 as a senior treasury management consultant in the Pacific Northwest. In 2005, he moved to Atlanta to open the southeast market for Treasury Management, and then launched Commercial Card sales in the eastern U.S. as a regional sales manager.  A financial services veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Sean started his career with PNC Financial Services in Pittsburgh, where he held corporate banking positions in treasury management and commercial real estate finance. Before joining Wells Fargo, he was a senior director at a financial software company.  Sean earned his B.S. degree in marketing management from Gannon University in Erie, Pa., and his M.B.A. in finance and information technology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.



(3B)  Ruben Bela; Director, Global Liquidity Management; Bank of America Merrill Lynch

"The Balancing Act:  The New Normal of Managing Liquidity in a Basel III World"


Recurring themes of Liquidity Management and Compliance are not new to Treasurers.  What is new, however, is the need to position companies for growth and new business opportunities amidst the latest regulations and an improving economy.  In this environment of tightened regulations, forward looking companies continue to retool their treasuries, creating capacity within their department to improve management and efficiency, as they look for more reliable wasy to view and mobilize liquidity, fund operations and invest globally.  This session will discuss how a new normal for treasury management is rapidly taking shape for companies globally, from reevaluation of investment policies to enhancements in cash positioning and forecasting techniques against the backdrop of regulation.”



Ruben Bela is responsible for delivering regional and global cash optimization services to multinational corporations and sovereign governments. Leveraging an extensive background in liquidity product management and core cash management service development, Ruben provides critical insight and counsel to clients across a broad range of industries. In the new regulatory environment, he has also played a key role in implementing the bank's balance sheet strategy. Ruben joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2008 and previously worked more than a decade with JPMorgan Chase where he held various roles in Liquidity Cash Management and Trust & Custody Services. Ruben holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Texas Tech University.




Breakout Session Four:  2:15 pm - 3:15 pm (Concurrent Sessions A & B)



(4A)  Uma Wilson, CTP, AAP; SVP and Director Product Development; UMB Bank

          Greg Baldwin, CPM; Deputy Treasurer; Johnson County, KS

"Payments Collection Success Story:  A Win/Win Proposition"


Like their private sector counterparts, governmental entities seek to solve business problems and realize tangible benefits by adopting electronic collections solutions.  Participants in this session hear how Johnson County, Kansas implemented a payments collection solution to increase efficiency, enhance the customer service experience and provide consumers/taxpayers with payment options.  Consumer-facing organizations of various types can adopt and apply lessons and insights from this experience.



Uma Wilson is responsible for the overall business plan development, establishing roadmap and defining UMB’s Treasury product strategy for ACH, Wires, Remote Deposit, Control Disbursement, Lockbox, Depository Products and International and Information reporting Offerings. Additionally, she manages Product Managers within the Product Management & Development area.  She holds a Bachelors degree, in Computer Science & History.  Uma is a member of AFP, NACHA and KCAFP. She is also a Board member for EPCOR (a regional ACH Association) and Dean of Payments Institute, Dean of the Payments Institute and a Board member of the Kansas City Tomorrow Alumni Association.



Greg Baldwin is the Deputy Treasurer for the Johnson County Treasury and Financial Management department. He has held his current position for seven years, and has worked for Johnson County for 13 years. His responsibilities include management of the billing, collection, and distribution of over $1 Billion in property taxes annually for the County. He also oversees the treasury, cash management, accounts receivable, delinquent collections, and motor vehicle back-office functions. His experience with technology and online payment solutions has developed his role as the central point of contact for all ecommerce within Johnson County Government.

Certifications: Certified Public Manager (CPM). He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas.  Greg is also a member of the AFP.



(4B)  Patti M. Ritter, CTP, CPA; Senior Treasury Operations Manager; Republic Services, Inc.

"Payment Acceptance Cost:  A Corporate Journey"


Learn what steps Republic Services is taking to mitigate increasing payment acceptance costs.  Due to increasing costs, Republic Services needed to understand the cost drivers by payment channel and payment method, and to develop and evaluate potential solutions for implementation.  This session discusses the project’s progression and challenges along the way.  Treasury developed solutions around 3 categories; influencing behavior of field staff, influencing customer behavior, and implementing corporate-level measures.  The session discusses solutions that were implemented, some that were not, and success so far.”



Patti Ritter has worked in Treasury at Republic Services for 14 years, with a focus on special projects and customer payment systems.  Patti began her career in public accounting and worked in banking for 15 years in a variety of lending, loan product support and accounting positions.  During her career, much of her work has involved re-engineering initiatives, system implementations, and acquisition integration. Patti’s experience in Treasury includes cash management operations and systems, cash forecasting, financial assurance, and implementation and support of customer payment systems.  Patti is an active member of AFP, AFP of Arizona, and the Remittance Coalition.  She has presented at AFP and AFP of Arizona.




Breakout Session Five:  3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (Concurrent Sessions A & B)


(5A)  Eric Mettemeyer, CEO; Store Financial

"Keys to a Profitable Virtual Card Program"


How does your current virtual card program stack up? If you aren’t utilizing virtual cards as a supplier payment method, why not?  What are the common misperceptions about virtual cards? Eric will help attendees understand why their current program is not as profitable as it could be; or, for those who haven’t embraced virtual cards yet, why starting a virtual card program can be the best decision their AP department has ever made. By following Eric’s keys to success, organizations can convert 30% of their spend to virtual cards – quickly turning their AP departments into profit centers.



Eric Mettemeyer is the CEO of Store Financial, bringing eleven years of experience in the payments industry.  His initial experience in the industry was the management of more than ten acquisitions of prepaid, card processing and money transfer companies in Europe and the Americas for Euronet Worldwide. He then subsequently served as Managing Director of epay Americas and Asia, a division of Euronet Worldwide.  A former CPA, his previous job experience also includes International Tax, Financial Planning and Treasurer roles for companies including Arthur Andersen, Sprint and Euronet. He received his undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Iowa and his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.




(5B)  Eric Reyle; CTP; VP, Business DevelopmentG-Treasury

         Lynda Snedegar, CPA; Manager, Corporate Treasury; Kansas City Power & Light Company  

“Evaluating and Adopting a Treasury Management System”


Every implementation of a treasury workstation starts with a need. Whether your spreadsheets or your current system no longer work, or there are too many shortcomings in the current process there comes a time where organizations need to make a change. In this session we will discuss the common pitfalls, obstacles, and solutions that occur during a first, second, or third time implementation of a Treasury Management System. Attendees will learn that most organizations, no matter the industry or workstation, all face common issues when it comes to their treasury automation solution. Attendees will learn some tips on how to solve these issues, or hopefully avoid them completely.”



Eric Reyle is Vice Presiden of Business Development at GTreasury.  Prior to joining GTreasury, Eric has driven enterprise technology sales within financial services for over 15 years, directing sales activities for Financial Market Data Vendors and Enterprise Data Management providers.  He is based in Denver and manages the Central and Western territories of GTreasury.



Lynda Snedegar is currently the Manager of Corporate Treasury at Kansas City Power & Light Company.  Lynda has worked at KCP&L since October, 2003 in Corporate Accounting, Construction Management and currently Corporate Treasury.  Prior to KCP&L, Lynda was with Trigen Energy Corporation in Kansas City as a Regional Accounting Manager.  Lynda holds an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and  a Master of Science in Accounting and MBA from the University of Missouri - Kansas City.




Friday, September 25, 2015



Breakout Session Six:  8:00 am - 9:00 am


(6A)  Mark K. Webster, CPA, CCM; Partner, Treasury Alliance Group

"Escheatment:  The Hidden Tax"             


The escheatment of unclaimed property has become a growing area of revenue for many states.  As a result it has become an increasing problem and liability for many treasury departments who often aren’t aware of all of the requirements involved in managing and reporting unclaimed property not the potential penalties for non-compliance.  This session will look at the history of unclaimed property, discuss what types of assets are included, and provide an overview of the necessary tasks that a treasury needs to complete to avoid potential liability.



Mark Webster has over 35 years of experience in all areas of payments and treasury and risk management; and has worked with domestic and international clients in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, retail, insurance and government. He has significant financial services industry experience, having worked for both regional and money center banks in a variety of roles including: CIO, Treasury Services Product Manager, and head of Payments Operations and Check Processing.


Mark is a board member and Past President of NEOTMA , the Northeast Ohio Treasury Management Association and serves on the CTP Body of Knowledge Committee of the AFP.  He is the principal author of The Essentials of Treasury Management, 4th ed., and has authored articles on the payments industry, risk management, and operational transformation for a variety of publications. Mark is a frequent speaker and lecturer on both a local and national level and is on the faculty of The Payments Institute, The Institute of International Payments, and The Global Treasury Forum.




(6B)  Jared Lightner, Account Executive; PrimeRevenue, Inc.

          Terry D. Pierce, Senior Strategic Account Executive; PrimeRevenue, Inc.

"5 Key Success Factors in Supply Chain Finance"                                   


Today's competition is no longer between companies themselves, but rather between global financial supply chains.  As more companies than ever are launching supply chain finance programs to reduce costs and risks and improve working capital efficiency, it has become imperative for leading organizations to adopt this strategic tool. This presentation provides orientation on this practice and on strategic ways financial professionals are using this solution to create tangible benefits for the entire value chain.



Jared Lightner is an Account Executive at PrimeRevenue, Inc., Jared is responsible for the marketing/sales, delivery, and ongoing support of PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi suite of products to new clients. Jared has specific focus on the continued growth and dominance of PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance, A/R Finance, and Dynamic Discounting solutions.  Prior to joining PrimeRevenue, Jared began his career as a supplier relationship manager at C2FO, the world’s market for working capital.  While at C2FO he worked on multiple marketing/sales projects to assist scaling the company. He managed client relationships with Fortune 1000 companies across North America and assisted with implementing an outbound BPO lead generation team.  Jared holds a Bachelor of Science, Personal Financial Management Services from University of Missouri, and volunteered as part of the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program for low income individuals and families.



Terry Pierce, is a Senior Strategic Account Executive at PrimeRevenue, Inc., Terry is responsible for the marketing/sales, delivery, and ongoing strategic support of PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi suite of products to new and current clients. Terry has specific focus on the continued growth and dominance of PrimeRevenue’s Supply Chain Finance, A/R Finance, and Dynamic Discounting products.  Terry began his career in the National Football League, drafted in the 2nd Round (51) of the 2003 NFL Draft to the Denver Broncos after leaving Kansas State University after his Junior season as an Academic All-American and All-American Linebacker. He later joined the NFL’s Business Program, a joint program with Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he studied Commercial Banking, Investments, and Entrepreneurship.   Prior to joining PrimeRevenue, Terry held a number of leadership positions in financial services ranging from Global Private Client Wealth Advisor with Merrill Lynch to Managing Director at MassMutual Financial Group. Terry joined Pollenware in 2010 as the Manager of the newly created Supplier Relationship Team to help the start-up build the process for selling the Buyer Funded Dynamic Discounting Solution to their suppliers.  Terry holds a Bachelor of Business Administration-Financial Management from Kansas State University, an Associate of Business Administration-Commercial Banking from University of Missouri-KC, and his series 7 and 66 securities licenses. He is a member of the International Factoring Association, Association for Financial Professionals, International Trade and Finance Association, and the National Football League Retired Players Association.




Breakout Session Seven:  9:15 am - 10:15 am


(7A)  Rolly Dessert; Academy Leadership

"Leader's Compass:  A Leadership Philosophy is Key to Your Success"                                      


To be an effective leader you must reflect your most important core values in your daily behaviors. In short you must lead by example. Why do people fall short? It is because they have not communicated what they believe in, what they expect of others, and what they will demand and will not tolerate. Think about undertaking a journey of self-discovery – to uncover the kind of principled leader that you want to be. This is the most critical, profound step toward achieving dramatic improvements in your leadership. Self-aware leaders can clearly communicate their values and vision to stakeholders, partners, colleagues and employees - a critical key to creating a motivational climate where everyone is 'onboard' and passionately pulling in the same direction. This is the impact of a personal leadership philosophy.  



Rolly Dessert is a Facilitator and Executive Coach with Academy Leadership. Rolly is a 1972 graduate of West Point and served in the US Army for over 28 years. In working with leaders, he encourages clients to develop their own personal leadership philosophy in order to understand what they truly believe so they share it with their organization.




(7B)  Mark K. Webster, CPA, CCM; Partner, Treasury Alliance Group

Understanding Treasury Diagnostics"                                   


Market and operational risks are concerns to treasury staff, executive management and regulators - among other constituencies. This session will discuss how to manage these risks through the use of reviews, diagnostic checks and other tools for managing the health of your treasury and discusses the types of third party assessments that are typically used by treasury professionals in reviewing their operations. The program is designed for financial professionals but is also suitable for general management and bankers.



Mark Webster has over 35 years of experience in all areas of payments and treasury and risk management; and has worked with domestic and international clients in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, retail, insurance and government. He has significant financial services industry experience, having worked for both regional and money center banks in a variety of roles including: CIO, Treasury Services Product Manager, and head of Payments Operations and Check Processing.


Mark is a board member and Past President of NEOTMA , the Northeast Ohio Treasury Management Association and serves on the CTP Body of Knowledge Committee of the AFP.  He is the principal author of The Essentials of Treasury Management, 4th ed., and has authored articles on the payments industry, risk management, and operational transformation for a variety of publications. Mark is a frequent speaker and lecturer on both a local and national level and is on the faculty of The Payments Institute, The Institute of International Payments, and The Global Treasury Forum.




Closing General Session:  10:30 am - 11:30 am


Shelly Simpson, AAP; Assistant Director, Payments Education, EPCOR

“ACH Rules Update 2015”


Each year the ACH Rules are updated. Join us to gain insight into 2015 amendments affecting your ACH payment processing. Are you prepared to comply with formatting requirements regarding reinitiated payments? What is NACHA doing to improve the overall quality of ACH payments and how does this impact you? When do these changes go into effect? Also get a glimpse of the future from an overview of Same Day ACH payment processing.



Shelly joined EPCOR in 2005 following an 11-year career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. As EPCOR’s Director of Certifications and Continuing Education, she designs and conducts education programs in support of ACH, cards and checks to over 2,300 financial institutions and corporate members. Shelly presents at regional and national industry conferences as an ACH payments expert and received her Accredited ACH Professional designation in October 2006. She has participated on several NACHA workgroups and committees, including the AAP Blue Ribbon Panel and NACHA’s Rules Enforcement Panel. Shelly holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education.